When you aren’t skinny enough to be classed as skinny but not fat enough to be classed as fat -skinny fat (skat)
omg robyn we are so skat eating all this food
by L.davids July 17, 2020
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-A person who's not skinny, but also not fat.

-A skinny fat fuck
Damn Daniel, you're very Skat!
by Daaanmmmnn Daniel December 27, 2016
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The act of leaving immediately after an unexpected cue. Used in the form of "hit the skats" or "skats will be hit". Another word for bounce.
"Davaris ran up on David at the mall, so David hit the skats and got out of there."
by jay22max August 07, 2008
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It is the female version of skeet, the sexual juices from a women
Would you drink angelina jolie skat? i would he he.....he
by van buren777 March 25, 2009
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1. the sexual fetish of having someone defecate into ones mouth

2. slang word referring to act of leaving an area immediately

3. a card game for three players

4. a Scottish slang word referring to a beer

5. an A capella voice optical one sings with their own expressed rhythm
"I don't want to talk about poop because they're going to think I'm interested in skat, and I'm not!"
by Gianna Da Vinci February 02, 2011
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Skat- A slutty or skanky type of girl with no class, and that is very awkard in social situations with her sluttiness.
Did you see Denise tonight, Yea what a skat.
by bill ponderosa September 27, 2010
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