ok, you have your "punks", who listen to punk music. you have your "goths" that listen to metal of some sort.and finally, you have "SKANKERS" who listen to Ska Music
by David Towle June 19, 2004
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The Iconography of the skanker, was first an album cover for the hardcore punk band the circle jerks, another form of icon was often used by the band dri in a stick figure form. A skanker is someone who typically "skank's" a dance performed to many different types of music.

It's extremely similar to the Hardcore dance "two-step"
See the pit at a ska show for the most common example of a skanker.

"Damn that skanker is skanking fast"
by Fritz Lang April 17, 2010
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a complete hoe. . .but you still love her anyway
Nicole Marie and Morgan Leigh are such skankers but they are both still amazing!!!
by CuTie November 4, 2004
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A skank that is infested with disease. Coming from the english "Skank" and the english word "Cankerous".
by pudgums June 24, 2009
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A nickname given to a north shore skank, shanker.
There's this girl named Shanker, she's such a grumpy bitch-whore that doesn't stfu.
OH! You mean Skanker?
by laskdfjawoei April 11, 2008
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