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Term used to define a person, usually female, who tends to sleep around and brag about it. Doesnt descriminate against sex. Likes it from anyone, anywhere. Usually is an attention whore who likes to steal other peoples mates. male or female. tends to lie to get their way, and cheat on their own "better half".
Brenna is such a Skank Whore! I cant believe she slept with almost everyone in the courtyard!
by Essaria January 22, 2006
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the name you use when you find out your girlfriend or wife cheated on you after you asked her repeatedly then finally she confesses. Usually the person she cheated on you with is a loser, therefore the word skank.
I'm so sorry honey that I cheated on you with the school janitor. It's ok, I knew you were nothing but a "skank whore".
by Joey Demonica August 08, 2006
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term for a female who reminds you in some way of both a skank and a whore, and you don't want to have to choose between skank and whore, so you combine them to form this incredible word; she may choose to go braless with a thin wifebeater on, she may also apply self-tanner in a ridiculously cheap and blotchy fashion, she also may seem to have an oral fixation as she either has a dip in or more seeds than a baseball player can fit in his mouth. This leads the astute urban dictionary man to one conclusion: that bitch is a skankwhore.
Listen Gina, I already told you that I don't want to give you a Cleveland Steamer, and didn't you just fuck the fat plummer because he said your teeth weren't "that" yellow? You're just a skankwhore.
by Bradford A April 15, 2003
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A dirty white trash ho who probably has stinky mucussy private parts and lives in a trailer park. A More severe version of a bopper.
that skank-whore didn't get back to her trailer until 5 am after she had turned some tricks on the corner.
by Lauren R April 21, 2008
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one of the many slutty girls in your school that u can get with pretty easy.
Friend 1: Danm look at that girl she is sooo hot.
Friend 2: Yeah yo, i banged that skank whore like last week.
by B-Randon cheeeya November 22, 2006
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Commonly mistaken as meaning either skankwhore or skank-whore, this term is a general insult for people that either
a) annoy you greatly.


b) you are meant to like but really don't.
Two girls bitching about their supposed best friend, "Ohmygod she's such a SKANK-WHORE"
by sexee people =] July 16, 2006
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a girl who goes out with her best friend's current boyfriend and then says "i'm sorry i didn't know that you were going out with him" even though the best friend told her that they have been going out for seven months
that girl stole my boyfriend, she is such a skank whore
by B&C May 05, 2007
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