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All these are false.

Skang for over 10 years always stood Skeet Gang. When you are with 1 or more individual being male you are part of a Skang. You are dangerous to hoes and bitches cause they will be rained upon with Skeet. You can actually skang solo as long as you verbally announce you are ''SKANG''. Skeet Gang was later adopted by numerous people as their own outfit's alias so it was later shorted by the original creator to Skang.
''These hoes think they're so experienced being promiscuous their whole life. They can't fuck with the skang regardless bro.. ''
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by therealprynce September 11, 2018
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A word with which to describe something as being a piece of shit or can be used in the more original fashion "skang-a-lang" which means exactly the same thing but with a bit more passion.

It has a foreign background and founded by Ed after looking in a foreign dictionary and finding the word gooedstaff (goo-d-staf) which actually has no meaning at all
kevin poo: "omg did you see that episode of rate my poo last night?"
Kevin poos dad: "ye it was bare skang-a-lang"
by ilikebeef March 22, 2009
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A slang term for methoxetamine.

Methoxetamine is a near chemical analog of ketamine and PCP. Its use was first publicly reported in 2010. Methoxetamine's effects are described by some as similar to ketamine or high-dose DXM, while others report not finding it similar to those substances. A number of accounts describe compulsive redosing and unintentional consumption of more than was initially planned.
Yo dog do you want some skang
by realhomieeee October 25, 2011
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Skang is a word that is often used by a group of 13-year-old epic Asian gamers while playing a Smash ripoff game called Brawlhalla. Skang is a word that was formed when mixing the words 'skeet' and 'gang' together.

Shadow10183 has disconnected.
by Sand, but like, hot February 21, 2019
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A badass teenager that bombs apples on the streets and plays lots of games. He is the Kool-King around town. Also known as the apple bomber.
That kid is soo awesome and cool! Definitely a skangs.
by Skangs May 25, 2009
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