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Someone who claims to be something, but they are over the 'level' that they can be.
For instance, 45 defence = good. 55 def = bad.
Person 1: Hey jake, my grandma says she's 60, but she's obviously 80!
Person 2: What a sk1ll2k1ll
by Richie_S November 19, 2008
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Defining something it is not. Claiming to be something you're not!
Bob: Hey, Jim, my Mom's totally only 45 year old, she said so.
Jim: Nah, Bob, your Mom is obviously 55 years old.
Bob: You serious?
Jim: Yeah man, she's a total Sk1ll2k1ll.
by Captain Anon December 04, 2008
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To be so amazingly sexually epic yet stupid it is overwhelming and is commonly used to reffer to dim yet cute people.
That kid rob, he's so sk1ll2k1ll.
by adamftwownagewtf November 26, 2008
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