When one person is in love and willing to do the work to make a relationship happen and the other is a custy fuckboi/fuckgirl who doesn't feel the same way but will still have sex with you sometimes.
"I thought I was dating Derek but it turns out it's just a situationship."
by Beeswrite September 28, 2017
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any problematic relationship characterized by one or more unresolved, interpersonal conflicts. usually confused with dating.
It's time you ended the situationship, dumped his sorry ass and found a guy who you're actually happy to be around.
by no1slogo January 23, 2006
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Where one person leads another person on letting them think that the end product of their time together would amount to a relationship when in reality the individual only wanted an outlet for sex and a momentary emotional connection
Girl: “Hey babe, what are we”

Boy: “were just chilling
Boys friends: is that your girl?

Boy: nah is a bit of a sticky one still, it’s a situationship my g
by Britishbabeeeee August 22, 2018
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When you and your partner have sex, hold hands while driving, call every night, fall asleep on the phone, tell each other that u love them but as FRIENDS, and tell each other everything. But you guys are only buddies like “fuck buddies
Here’s the situation, we’re in a situationship.
by Hahapicklesarecute August 29, 2020
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When y’all talk but not official and not seeing anybody else
We aren’t together but we’re in a situationship
by Kthom July 02, 2018
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Just chill not in a relationship but also are. Really good friends. Goodmorning Goodnight texts
We are in a situationship
by Apolllo February 11, 2021
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A form of relationship where neither party is completely sure of “what they are”; The period before DTR
We’re not really an item yet...actually I’m not sure what we are...or if we’re anything. I guess we’re in a situationship?
by Lolodolphin September 24, 2018
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