A sexual move that occurs when a woman in menstruating. While doing the woman from behind, the man sticks two fingers into her vagina and smears the blood across his own cheeks like indian war paint. Similar to "The Pocahontas."
Did you know that Sarah was on the rag? Hell yeah! I stuck my fingers right deep in her and wore that shit like Sitting Bull!
by Big Big Salaam October 04, 2011
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A true "Sitting Bull" will be not only as lazy as a hog, but will also be a whiner. This person will take every opportunity to sit down that they can, and will do all they can to get out of doing their fair share of the shared work.
Sometimes Joe is a real Sitting Bull, but not as bad as the original.
by me July 16, 2004
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Sexual position in which the giver sits on a bed or other surface with their legs open, and has their partner lying on their back with their legs over the giver's shoulders. It is quite an awkward position to get into, so the easiest way to get into it is by having the receiver lay down backwards from a kneeling position and then swing their legs up-and-over. Although a fairly comfortable position for both partners, it does lack in mobility for penetration.
The sitting bull is my favorite sexual position!
by VeronikaDaze January 31, 2011
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a shitty school full of homos ,homophones ,rich assholes ,retards ,entitled brats ,memers ,wanna be gangsters ,nerds ,furrys ,and dicks. the teachers are crappy, the principles are crappy, and everything sucks the school wear sucks and costs to much. The peak of Apple Valley California the shittiest place on earth
apple valley kid #1 "what school do you go to?"
sitting bull kid "sitting bull academy *does fortnite dance*
apple valley kid #1 "i can tell"
by plate2 September 03, 2020
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a cheif sitting bull is a person who teaches other's how to get women. he calles all of his disciples young shadow worshippers or pilgrims
i wish i had a cheif sitting bull to teach me.
by pillgore November 17, 2010
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Similar to cowgirl Sex position expect with man sitting instead of lying down(often preformed on couch)
by Ngg101 November 05, 2016
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(Adv.) So Drunk and/or High that you are incapable of moving and continue to sit carefree.
"Go grab the Pringles"

"I'm Sitting-Bulled"

"Well fuck looks like we're going hungry"

"Chiefed bro Chiefed"
by kprowand January 12, 2012
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