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"Site modeling" websites use social-networking websites (most often Myspace, but unfortunately now Facebook as well) to post pictures of "models" who are more often then not 14 year old girls taking pictures of themselves, then editing the hell out of them, perhaps putting them in black-and-white or sepia. The site modeling site will have multiple "models" who send them pictures on a weekly basis to be displayed on the groups page under emo kid "model names". These girls are not real models, do not make any serious steps to become real models, and are just out to beg for compliments and attention.
I just took 3498 pictures of myself pouting and holding a teddy bear in front of my mirror. I think I'm going to be a site model for RejectionSadFaceBooHoo Site Modeling, and use the name Tiffany RainbowDinosaurMurderStarVomit.
by MissMarlaSinger June 20, 2011
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Site Modeling is when people, usually attention whores, emos, and/or skanks, take pictures of themselves then send them in to a website that hosts SM pics.
Most SM sites have models so the girls can be discovered. These are the BEST sites.
Other SM sites just have models to judge the pretty/hot ones. These SM sites are usually hosted on facebook and myspace. Girls on these sites just want compliments, attention and to be discovered. But be serious, no photographer wants to do a shoot with some slut with her bleach blonde hair up in a messy bun and pounds of makeup on. These girls are not fit for being models.
Real site models are naturally gorgeous girls who are truly passionate about SMing. If a great model plays her cards right, someone from a magazine might see her photos and give her the big break she deserves.
Emos love SMing. It gives the girls a chance to see whos the best scene queen of the site. They want attention and sympathy for the 700 photos of their cuts. The only boys you will ever see on a SM site are most likely emos. Don't bother; they do NOT want to date you. Being hot boys that SM, they get a lot of attention from desperate girls. Leave them alone.
Watch out for X rated SM sites, their models post nude pictures. These are usually wannabe pornstars who just want to see boys drool over them.
So some sites are good, others are bad. Some girls are good, others are bad. It's easy to tell which is which, but good luck anyway.
-I just got accepted into that Site Modeling company!!!
-I am the sexiest Site Model on the entire page. My name is ~x~SuPeRsExYyYnAkEdBlOnDe~x~
-Did you hear about that Site Model? Yeah, she got discovered by a popular magazine!
-Hi, my name is Bloody Mary Jane and I love being an emo Site Model
-WHOAH! Caity Cat's new photo on that Site Modeling website is HOT!
by laurcait January 10, 2012
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