In a polyamourous relationship where at least two women are involved each woman is a sisterwife to the other. Sisterwives may or may not have a sexual relationship with each other.
Linda is Amy and john's sisterwife.
by maplefrost June 27, 2010
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The spouse of a native from the state of Kentucky.
My sisterwife & I have been together for a really long time; I met her when my mother gave birth to her.
by Manta Raye December 03, 2007
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Close female friend (or Dave) who believes that she holds a position of importance in the life of the Queen, even though she really just sleeps on various surfaces in Party Central. A sisterwife doesn't pay rent, but is domiciled in the home of the Queen Sisterwife and has no problem leaving mass amounts of garbage and refuse for the Queen to clean up. Sisterwives often take pleasure in naked spooning with the Queen Sisterwife and her random conquests, and also have no shame in belittling young Sicilian bedfellows. Whilst a sisterwife has no respect for the Queen's minions, she will often find solace in handholding with the aforementioned young men who find themselves in the lair of the Queen.
Louis, you are taking a nap and I've called you 50 times, with no response. A sisterwife would never do that. Stop having sex with tranny prostitutes.
by Pepperoni Pizza March 09, 2008
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