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A gay makeup artist boy, james charles, a swaggy girl, emma chamberlain, a hot boy, ethan dolan, and an adorable boy, grayson dolan. They are an iconic group. The sister squad name cane from james iconic saying sister. They were the best part of youtube rewind 2018.
Girl 1: i want to be apart of SISTER SQUAD
Girl 2: i want to date ethan dolan
Girl 3: i want to be friends with emma chamberlain

Girl 4: i want to date grayson dolan
Girl 5: i want james charles to do my makeup
by Dolan finatic December 24, 2018
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A youtube group made up of emma chamberlain, ethan dolan, grayson dolan and james charles.
the sister squad just got hypnotized and the video was sooo funny
by tristatabor September 01, 2018
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An iconic group of 4 who make youtube videos together and have a lot of fans. The group contains of YouTubers Emma chamberlain, the Dolan Twins, and James Charles.
Me: did you see the new Dolan Twins video?

You: yeah! It was a sister squad video this week!
by clutchboys January 18, 2019
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A squad of the following people Emma chamberlain, James Charles, and the Dolan twins. And James always says sister so he named the squad the Sister Squad.
1- hey what is the name of that squad?
2- oh its the Sister Squad!
by JeniusLol November 06, 2018
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A group originally owned by Sister James Charles and has found its way so a small town in Illinois. This squad has a few members because A LOT of the other hoes where fake. IN CONCLUSION a group of bomb ass people that I love <3
"Hey did you see the SISTER SQUAD today? "Yeah heard they kicked that hoe lily out!"
by DUmbCunT69 December 09, 2018
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