one of the most sweetest, kind-hearted, and genuine people i have ever seen. He is so amazing and inspiring and just his laugh can make you smile. He deserves all the love and support the world can give, he deserves to be happy 24/7, he is a blessing to so many lives and deserves to be loved unconditionally
"can you tell I'm in love with grayson dolan"
by dreaamydolan January 23, 2018
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A famous youtubed who creates videos with his twin brother ethan, and is also heaven on earth. Commonly reffered to, and right so, as “daddy”
‘omg have you heard of grayson dolan’
i wanna marry grayson dolan’
by abbicus February 5, 2019
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'Did you see that grayson dolan?'
'Yea isnt he a thic lil meatball
by January 31, 2018
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jordyn: omgomgomgomgomgomgomg its grayson dolan

grace: ew ethans with him. graysons the hotter twin. which lane?

both: GRAYSON!

grace: ethan?

both: GRAYSON!

jordyn: grethan?

by (: grace :) April 8, 2018
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A twin with a killer jawline, perfect body,
Best sense of humor and the most sweetest smile in the world
Person 1: "did you see Grayson Dolan's new insta post?!"
Person 2: "hell yeah, he has a perfect body."
by Graysonsbbg March 15, 2017
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The most handsome 18 year old you have ever seen. His personality lights up the room with his goofy self. His creative outlook on life has truly inspired others to become the best they can be. His heart shows true passion towards his family and fans. His work on YouTube has shown his creativity. His eyes can memorize anyone who stares at them. His smile is eye catching. His laugh is honestly so cute and overall, Grayson Dolan is amazing.
"Is that Grayson Dolan?"
"Yea, that's my inspiration right there."
by eri.e January 23, 2018
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