Person A gets on the top of a bunk bed and proceeds to strategically aim his solid fecal matter into the open orifice known as the mouth and or nose of person B, who is sprawled eagerly on the floor below.
Last night I dropped a sinkhole right in Susan's mouth. It was hot!
by The Rathbone Food Staff March 31, 2008
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(n) Drain. The hole in your sink.
Hey Neena, You washing them dishes, bitch?
Nah N*gg@, we got a clogged sinkhole.
by Clyce October 18, 2017
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When the Earth's surface collapses due to erosion. When water gets in between cracks on the land and makes kind of an underground cave. The sediment ontop collapses when there is no foundation under the land.
We were talking about sinkholes in class for our erosion project with earth sience.
by Conpooper March 5, 2019
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when a womans vagina is so loose and hollow you can hear the ocean it is know as a sinkhole
DO NOT under any circumstance have sex with a woman that has a sinkhole if you do you will never retrieve your penis
by chico May 6, 2003
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When you tip a Vegetables wheelchair so they can suck your dick.
Bro last night I was with this hot af paraplegic and she gave me the good ol' Australian Sinkhole
by Ackrynom December 26, 2017
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A popular cultural trend that leaves a negative impact on society, either through encouragement for the populace to ignore greater issues, even regarding itself, to direct more attention to instant gratification (in more modern terms, "consume product and then get excited for next product"), mass psychological harm, glorification of disreputable traits such as crime, vulgarity, or materialism, or other effects that can leave a moral of intellectual "hole" in societal values.
K-pop is a commonly cited example of a cultural sinkhole, with it's propagation of unrealistic beauty standards, immoral corporate practices, and rampant idolatry of people based on personality instead of talent, all upon impressionable youth, it's main demographic.
by mildanger September 22, 2019
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A Philadelphia sinkhole occurs when a person has been anally penetrated repeatedly, and their taint has been enlarged, revealing a swirling mess of shit and cum, resembling a sinkhole.
Dude I'm not gay, a couple of my bros just Philadelphia sinkholed me.
by jrjrjr May 15, 2015
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