National single day is October 8-13 it means you Don't have a boy friend its single day and i just want to tell u i love u
by The mysterious Zodiac person October 5, 2019
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A day in which we celebrate being single, screw valentines day! A day in which you just get beyond drunk and can bang whoever you want with no ramifications, because it's singles day! Singles day is only to be celebrated in the summer in which beaches, beer, bikinis, shots and sweaty nights are prime. So screw valentines lets get drunk and celebrate singles day!
"Dude you know she was like a 2"
"It's singles day and I just took 4 keg stands"
"That's legit"

"He has a girlfriend, you know."
"I don't care it's singles day, screw it"
by ScrewValentines February 11, 2010
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All boys who are single go up to a girl that is single and say happy single's day ask them out on a date (your paying) and you might find the love of your life
Olivia happy single's day would you like to go on a date with me, Sure Andrew.
by Teen shizz August 30, 2019
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We heard of happy national girlfriends day and happy national boyfriends day. But, now it’s time for Happy National Singles Day. If you single dis yo time to shine sweetie!!!
Becky: He Rhianna it’s National Singles Day. Rhianna: Aww yaayyyy finally cuz I been single for a brick it’s time for my stupid self to celebrate
by The.Boss.Diva October 8, 2019
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A day when Alibaba goes crazy and gives 1000 people free stuff
It's Singles Day! 100% discount on humans guaranteed
by terribledictionary November 12, 2019
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a day where u can be lonely and not be with someone and to appreciate being single. A day to remember that it's okay to do u and be okay without someone.
Today is national single day but i'm not complaining
by hahahfunny June 2, 2017
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