Singh means Lion. Male Sikhs write Singh after their name as prescribed in the Sikh religion. Also see Khalsa
Singh is the King. Eg. R Singh.
by Khalsa-Singh March 3, 2005
Singh is a title, middle name, or surname that means "lion" in Sanskrit. ... It has been adopted as a title by some Warriors, and mandated in the 18th century by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji
Damn look Singh is coming,Looks like A lion Coming Here
by @refundisillegal November 27, 2020
Sikh men traditionally have Singh as their surname to denote their adherence to the Sikh religion, however, Sikh youths today tend to use it as a noun and like to think of themselves as gangstas, even to the rather comical extent of wearing large hooded tops over their turbans.
MUN! You bettah watch it init, coz i is a SINGH and i is gonna take you down init bruahhhhhhh.
by Michael Shane May 12, 2005
Singhs are gangatahs,souljahs and fighters,dont mess with the singhs
khalistan zindabad
bolayyyyyyyyyyyy soooooonihaaaaaaaaal
by Gangstah singh March 18, 2005
a courageous warrior who follows God alone. He is often mistaken for a terrorist by racist or mentally retarded americans, who seem to believe they are superior. Even though alot of white people learned to wash only after meeting a sikh, sum still accosiate sikhs smelling lik curry even though these white people have no culture an wish to endorse other peoples culture they also seem to copy indians by eating curry, yet still they disrespect them for sum odd reason even though they wish to be lik us, and so the onli answer there is, is that they are thick americans.
steriotypical american: AMERICA RULES! ye! we are all homosexual retards!

singh: how gay are they. They tan themselves to luk brown yet they mak fun of us? they copy our food an eat curry yet they mock us on what we eat?? we are polite to them, yet they are still racist???

singh 2: didnt u know??? its cos they are american an no matter how hard u try they will still mock us with ridculous and childish comments (in other words they are tapped bastards)
by snipa a.k.a viper July 25, 2006
singh is wat all people luk up at and dont mess wid
"hey singh sort me out wid a few dolar" " aight but pay bak asap or i will kill ur family and cut ur dads bolocks off"
by jagga jatt December 23, 2004
a word that will bring fear in your eyes,but never the less they are safe and love their glassy (drinks)
"singh" means lion and that why many fear fear them,there really is no messing with them
by G December 23, 2004