1: Super. Intense. Minecraft. Player. 2: Super. Into. Mashed. Potatoes. 3: Squirrels. In. My. Pants
1: hey man I am a simp 2: Bro guess what im SIMP 3: BRO I HAVE SIMP CALL THE AMBULANCE
by Blue_muf March 08, 2021
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A person who values a woman's positive emotions than his life or financial position.
A person who is overly nice to a woman eg: Repetitive Buying of clothes, Asking if they need anything often, and the overall main goal is the happiness of the simps target. Then brush it off as being nice to women.
Often confused as just being nice to a woman for a short period of time eg: helping them up, passing them something out of reach that they can easily reach. And getting married or establishing a weak to a strong relationship.
(Chads are simps period)
Stop simping bro.
He is a simp.
That person is a simp.
Man, she gets so many simps.
Don't call me a simp!
by GarlicBreadSoup May 09, 2020
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1.When a male/female dedicates all their time for their crush just to get ghosted or friendzoned

2.When a bestfriend replaces group plans with plans that involve their gf/bf or with a "special" person that you think likes you back but in reality doesn't and ends up friendzoning you or ghosting you.
"bro quit being a simp and hangout with the bros instead"

dude you're a simp if you think she likes you

Bro 1: dude i rlly like this girl and i drop hints and all but i dont think shes catching them.
Bro 2: omg quit being a simp, smoke this blunt and quit chasin.
by Sir Sabby I January 11, 2020
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someone who is obsessing over someone or being too nice to them, just to get in their pants
Damn I’m such a simp for james
by littleaussiebxtch October 24, 2020
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Matthew Clark


Ben Evans


Layne Swards
Fuck that dude is paying $35 to see her titties on Only Fans... He is Such a Simp Clark
by Gio H@ter July 02, 2020
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