After sex you use your thumb to wipe juices on your partners forehead
I walked in on you Simbaing him last night
by Fayeet June 22, 2014
verb To lift something high in the air, proclaiming it's greatness.
'I just saw you simbaing your cat... Freak.'
by pridecat December 15, 2011
The Simba is done by completing the following steps:

1. Guy cums on girls face (must get some on is essential)
2. Guy reaches out and smears the cum across said girls forehead while saying SIIIIIIMMMMMMBBBBBAAAAAA in a long, drawn out manner.

As you can easily tell this is a favorite of many, many girls...especially those girls known as cum sluts, chicken heads, etc.

(Bonus points if you dress in a Rafiki costume while doing this.)
Kim and George were having sex in the bathroom stall when George thought it would be funny to pull the Simba.
by asshole frat guy November 3, 2007
V. the act of smearing a bodily fluid upon the forehead of someone else and saying slowly "Simba" as Rafiki did to the image of Simba on his Tree in the Lion King.
"(519): and then she said I drew a line on her forehead with my cum and whispered "Simba" "

I totally simba-ed Victoria last night. It was priceless.
by Dhemlar August 26, 2009
When you finger a girl on her period and wipe it on her forehead in a slow African style
by Jaanaspy October 7, 2015
Simba is the Swahili(East African lanague) for Lion.
Hence the name of the lion in the Lion King. That is a beautiful Simba!
by Rhiannon Austin May 7, 2006
When you have an orgasm on a girl's forehead and you swipe it off sideways like Rafiki did on Simba's forehead in The Lion King. While doing this, you say "SIMBAAAA".
Friend: "OMG, I totally Simba'd my girlfriend the other night"

Me: "Did she like it?"

Friend: "Oh man, she loved it."
by SimbaLover July 11, 2011