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The act by which, typically following the ingestion of large quantities of alcohol, one is unable to prevent bodily discharge from both the mouth and anus at the same time.
- "I feel like I'm about to start silver surfing"
- "Beau silver surfed all over Alex's carpet"
by Matthew I July 26, 2007
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When a man's gooch is lightly tickled by an older man's gray mustache.
I prefer the company of a young female, but I can't resist the opportunity to do some silver surfing!
by Carp72081 April 04, 2017
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The sexual attraction to a person considerably older than you.

Usually has silver/gray hair.
"Did you see Jena's new boyfriend? He's like 70."

"Yeah, she's definitely silver surfing."

"Gonna hit up the retirement home today and do some silver surfing."
by Panduhmonium March 18, 2016
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