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Siloe is friendly,kind. She cared for others so much, they may not even know. If you have a Siloe in your life never let her go. Their little beautys. Though they can get angry at times you mess up, she is forgiving. She's trustworthy and loyal to others.
Lily:Omg Siloe is so nice!
Ally;Yeah she gave me chocolate when I was sick
Lily: omg she's really caring!
by June 11, 2018
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It means she might be shy but she is beautiful and she doesn’t talk a lot but when she is in a crown of people she will be the loudest mouth she is really funny and smart when she wants to be
Is that u Siloe ?
by Jokerjoker June 11, 2018
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Siloe a name given to somebody special,has really long eyelashes,pretty,queit at first but once you begin to know her, she is full of laughs,sassy,loud and overall great to be around.
Sassy phrase : " i will konk your head " lol. She's so funny she's such a Siloe
by Shopkinshoppie April 08, 2019
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