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The most beautiful girl ever to walk on earth. Everyone loves her due to her kindness and strength. She’s extremely loyal to her friends. Whenever she walks into a room heads turn and gawk at her beauty. If you meet a silena never let her go.
That girl is so awesome! She must be a Silena!
by adelaide1256 June 25, 2018
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Silena is usually short in stature. This lil bihh has absolutely ZERO chill. She has about as much filter as a blunt. She will say anything to anyone even tho she's only 4 foot tall. She's a very hard worker and passionate about her kids. She'll go to any lengths to be petty as fuck on a daily basis. Usually has the middle name Antoinette.

#Silena #Petty #ShortAsHell #Blunt #Filterless
Silena is the pettiest bihh on earth.
by Sayrenee86 December 20, 2016
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