Your own unique dance move that you break out on special occasions to bring joy to your mates.
It’s not a party unless Cheryl rocks her signature move.
by Smooax August 30, 2020
to forcefully grab someones head and shove it by your cock
I just signature moved Harry, after he told me to get off of the moon bounce.

I just signature moved you. How do my balls smell?
by Cortez Special August 18, 2008
Defined when you hook up with a girl with a slamming rack, slap her Titties around for roughly 30 minutes nut on them then drive home and go to sleep on your floor mattress with Hulu on full blast
Today was a rough day...... I think I’m going to go for a patrick’s signature move for the night, ya know keep it simple
by Lichowid November 28, 2019
A series off well thought out and structured moves that compells even the most dull person to wake up and see into his signature moves.
Snigelmat really used his signature move there!
I've heard that Snigelmat has plenty of signature moves
I love the snigelmat signature moves
by Snigelmat September 15, 2017