2 definitions by Lichowid

It’s when your girl dresses up like Wendy with the wig and freckles, takes three slices of American cheese and jams then on your dick; then she sits on it and craps on your cock after she slowly pulls it out there’s your Dave’s triple stacked (add lube for a juicy triple stacked)
Even the prosititutes in boulder highway charge more for a Dave’s triple stacked
by Lichowid January 1, 2019
Defined when you hook up with a girl with a slamming rack, slap her Titties around for roughly 30 minutes nut on them then drive home and go to sleep on your floor mattress with Hulu on full blast
Today was a rough day...... I think I’m going to go for a patrick’s signature move for the night, ya know keep it simple
by Lichowid November 28, 2019