What you say after someone gets the Minecraft Sigma hacked client, which is a weak and free hacked client that might be a bitcoin miner.
Person 1: I finally got a good hacked client: Sigma!
Person 2: Sigma balls
by 200 iq legend April 01, 2021
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a cult on twitter where each member is depressed, emo, gay, obsessed with the #1 anime (Bungo Stray Dogs) and hotter than anyone else on Earth
- Sigma balls matching balls 🥀⛓
- “Someone sent the :} Chuuya photo” “Oh they were probably from Sigma Balls
by stanlee August 08, 2021
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a bunch of clowns that has united on bsd twitter, they all own decaying balls
i joined to sigma balls today
by erenballs August 08, 2021
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A derogative term used by non-greek college students in reference to fraternities. Originates from common disease known as ligma balls
1. “They said theyre not coming over here tonight cuz they are going to a party at Sigma Ligma Balls or something.”

2. “Look at those Sigma Ligma Balls frat dicks playing beer die in their yard.
by Ketalla June 24, 2020
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