a funny and very attractive guy that everyone looks up to
One of my friends was a real siemen today
by Zebbbb May 2, 2020
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Guy #1:Who’s that? Is it Siemens
Guy #2: Ya but everyone calls him Big Mon Ting
by BIGGESTMON November 15, 2017
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Siemen de Piemen is a very bad disease in the netherlands!.

Siemen de Piemen also means shit i got rejected by a girl.
ah i have got Siemen de Piemen for the twenty-first time mayble i am just a loser like Postbode Siemen and mathilde.
by Postbode Siemen May 17, 2018
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Het praten over siem schoor of stickers sturen van een afbeelding van siem schoor die erg storend kunnen zijn
Teun en Roos zijn aan het siemen en Jens vind het verschrikkelijk
by Ros May 11, 2020
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Siemen is an incredibly intelligent human being. He's more athletic than Hercules himself and he's one of the kindest human beings you will ever meet. Sometimes he makes weird jokes that no one really gets and might seem rude, but he never means them like that. If you find yourself a Siemen, never let the crazy motherfucker go.
Do you hear that Siemen in the distance?
*Machika, machika machika*
by BroverStinson November 21, 2021
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any native man who plays baseball. He is not that smart but is fairly close to an "adam" only he is more athletic. His biggest downfall is his issues with the opposite sex but he does a killer eastern European accent. If you encounter one turn the other direction as he is very dangerous, being a dirty indian and all. Siemens are capable of making the MLB one day, but for now he is stuck liking girls he has no business with and sucking at school. He currently has a 62 in bio but his mark is on the climb because his teacher is amazing.
girl 1: ew is that mohamed adam beside that really hot kid jordan siemens?
girl 2: yeah thats gross, he better be careful cuz jordan can beat him up
girl 1: i agree, beside jordan likes that one girl. his russian accents are also really good. i love him but he doesnt love me back. hes doing alot better in biology aswell
by spencor wojnowski tubman November 15, 2017
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Siemen the minecrafter is a renowned minecrafter in the Banjaluka province of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Siemen the minecrafter is a real beast here in Banjaluka!
by Big Joe the hatwearer May 13, 2018
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