A fun, sweet girl. Both shy and outgoing, Sidra(s) is/are unique and usually into a lot of different things. Sidras are very empathetic and loving towards those around them and will often see to other's needs before hers/their own. Sidra loves to try new things, and once she has found something she truly loves, she ends up staying dedicated to it and sticking with it through and through. Wether that thing may be a game, music group, or book series- Sidra will love it. She tries her hardest to please the ones she loves, and looks after friends as if they were family. Though she may be shy at times, Sidra is very out going and wild with the right people. When it comes to her love interests, Sidra will love them more than life itself. She's passionate about her interests, beliefs and (fandoms). She isnt afraid to be herself and accepts everyone for who they are, even if she doesnt really agree with everything they say or do. All in all, Sidra is a girl who's being cannot really be captured with words; even if given a lengthy description like what i've stated above is given. ^

Sidra ex 2: *caring/loving* Hey, its going to be alright. I'm here okay? Whatever you need, i'm here, I promise.

Sidra ex 3: *outgoing* YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST LIKE HONESTLY, i think im gonna die laughing!! Haha! *shy*oh.. do you think it would be alright if you could go in with me?
by Go crazy aHhh! April 13, 2019
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An amazing and pretty girl. A Sidra is usually a fun, pretty girl who likes to stay in touch with her creative side. She is a little bit of a tomboy, but can also be pretty girly when she feels like it. She's not afraid to get what she wants and is often blunt about her opinions. Any girl named Sidra is sure to be a great friend.
-Sidra? What are you doing?
-Killing ants with a powerhose. What does it look like?
by thatpersonyou'llnevermeet March 14, 2013
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She is an amazing girl and loves her looks. She tries to look after herself and everyone else. She is usually in and out of her building. She knows what she wants and will try to get it. She makes sure everyone is happy even though she isn't. She cares alot about her family.
Friend: cries

Sidra:are you okay?

Friend:it's nothing

Sidra:okay if you ever need to talk to me I'll always be here for you. If I'm not I'll be in asda.


Sidra:that's more like it!!
by Adaya hadatya February 23, 2018
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Female name meaning "of the stars" in Latin. Also means Cider in Spanish.
by drake41 May 4, 2010
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Sidra is magical connection between two hearts they fight they care they are magical .. Sidra people are best they are so postive they never give up most postive people..
The way Sidharth Shukla Rashami Desai fight care Sidra fans love for them
by Sidrash September 21, 2020
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A funny girl who looks like angel, has deep secrets like a devil. She is a seductress, sexy, wild, extremely kinky girl. Sidra loves risks is care-free knows how to give you a good time and she loves to explore your wildest fantasies in bed.

1. Every mans dream wife is Sidra extremely cute, loving, funny and gentle. Sidra’s make the best mothers. They don’t judge people even if they don’t agree on how you are a Sidra will accept you for who you are.
2. She can be extremely sarcastic and emotionally detached but if you find a Sidra don’t let her go before she replaces you with someone better.

3. love luxuries, born givers, strangers will fall in love with her smile. Sidra’s love fast cars, thrill seekers, speed and sex.
4. She smells sexy, loves nature.
5. cares about everyone, people easily fall in love with Sidra. You will never find one like her.
6. loves freedom, fun and adventures. She gets bored quickly and changes continuously. You have to keep up with a Sidra!
7. She has deep beautiful eyes, Sidra looks exotic/ she looks different to others and stands out from crowds. Sidra will have que’s of haters but oozes confidence in who she is and what she believes. Sidra wears her heart on her sleeve and loves the night.
8. Sidra’s love god, she believes in heaven. Sidra loves fitness and falls weak to her knees for muscular men and hot guys.Sidra loves adventures and dances when nobody’s watching she listens to music a lot.
ex1 :
Sidra, where are you going?
(Laughs sarcastically) I’m dancing on the moon what does it look like?

ex2 :

oh my god I love this song!!! This is the best song ever let’s dance!!! (Giggles then dances on the stage)

Ex 3: let’s jump out the plane, let’s go on an adventure it’s 3am!!!!!

“Damn I can’t stop thinking about Sidra, I need Sidra’s love, bring Sidra to me I demand Sidra’s attention. Nothing fulfils me like Sidra does”

Guy 1: oh Sidra’s brown eyes I’m falling in love

Guy 2: I love Sidra’s smile

Guy 3: Sidra’s body I’m going to explore her

Guy 4: why is Sidra so sarcastic?

Sidra’s ex lover: love me again Sidra! I need a Sidra again!!!! Why can’t I have a Sidra??

Stranger : let me follow Sidra I want to pleasure Sidra ;)
by Archer268 November 21, 2019
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A Sidra is sassy and uses her sassiness for the right purposes
Johnny- Hi Natalie!
Natalie-Stop hitting on me Johnny!
Johnny-Jeez ur such a Sidra
by WABAWABAWABA March 30, 2017
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