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An amazing and pretty girl. A Sidra is usually a fun, pretty girl who likes to stay in touch with her creative side. She is a little bit of a tomboy, but can also be pretty girly when she feels like it. She's not afraid to get what she wants and is often blunt about her opinions. Any girl named Sidra is sure to be a great friend.
-Sidra? What are you doing?
-Killing ants with a powerhose. What does it look like?
by thatpersonyou'llnevermeet March 13, 2013
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Female name meaning "of the stars" in Latin. Also means Cider in Spanish.
I know a girl named Sidra
by drake41 May 03, 2010
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A Sidra is sassy and uses her sassiness for the right purposes
Johnny- Hi Natalie!
Natalie-Stop hitting on me Johnny!
Johnny-Jeez ur such a Sidra
by WABAWABAWABA March 30, 2017
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She is an amazing girl and loves her looks. She tries to look after herself and everyone else. She is usually in and out of her building. She knows what she wants and will try to get it. She makes sure everyone is happy even though she isn't. She cares alot about her family.
Friend: cries

Sidra:are you okay?

Friend:it's nothing

Sidra:okay if you ever need to talk to me I'll always be here for you. If I'm not I'll be in asda.


Sidra:that's more like it!!
by Adaya hadatya May 07, 2018
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That weirdo over there who always says “guess what I don’t care” 🤦 ♀️
K: Hey you know the Sidra?

S: Yeah, guess what?
K: what?
S: I don’t care 🤷 ♀️
by Mirna Posts June 16, 2018
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