Any period of time where you and your friends go out without initial purpose or expectations. Usually in the early hours of the morning or late at night, side quests last as long as everyone is still out away from their home, dorm, or common meeting space. Side quests usually happen after a "main quest," scheduled hang out or party and usually feature less people than the original main quest.
"I'm bored but idk what to do... wanna just go out?"
"Hell yeah man let's go on a side quest!"
by king sushii November 18, 2021
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Side Quest (noun): An impromptu adventure or diversion undertaken by an individual, typically outside the realm of one's primary goals or responsibilities, often characterized by spontaneous actions and unconventional activities.
Usage: "Did you hear about Evt's latest side quest? He went on this crazy escapade involving fishing, chugging Bud Light, and even managed to sneak some light-fingered exploits into the mix while sporting his signature letterman jacket."

Note: While the term "side quest" is commonly used in the context of video games to refer to optional missions or tasks, this definition focuses on its urban dictionary usage, which extends the concept to real-life experiences and spontaneous adventures. The example provided incorporates the unique characteristics of Evt's side quests, including his affinity for fishing, Bud Light consumption, and his peculiar choice of attire.
by JizzWizard9989 June 8, 2023
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The gaming equivalent of being side tracked, distracted. Becoming obsessed with an object or person because you irrationally believe that it will somehow be to your benefit later.
Billy was going to slay the evil dragon, but he was side quested by a meaningless glowing rock in the forest before he could get around to it.
by Produent May 11, 2011
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A major contributing to a degree that requires little to no brain power to complete. Monkey material.
"Yo man you wanna go out and commit some crimes?"

"Nah man i got a paper to write."

"Stfu you monkey, your're literally studying Social work, you a side quest major"

" Damn u right"
by nash man September 21, 2023
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Any person, object or activity that becomes unexpectedly thrown at you and is a total inconvenience and disrupts your original plans
“Remember last night when we left the bar to go straight home but ended up having to drop that chick off at her house at 2 am?” “Yeah, she was a total Side Quest!”
by discounthonduran71 May 9, 2023
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Side quest is when your with a group of friends in a bar or club and you vanish and go on a side quest blackout drunk and dont remember how you got home or what objectives you completed
“Where did he go?”
God knows
“Probably on a side quest
by Dosser564 November 9, 2023
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