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The title track for Stray Kids 's fourth comeback, Cle 2: Yellow Wood

Side Effects is a b o p fite me y'all
by LevanterLixie April 18, 2020
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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
by January 30, 2017
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When you bukakki on a girl's face, but only on the sides. You leave the front alone.
Guy #1: Yo, last night i jizzed all over this girl's face! It was awesome.
Guy #2: Who gives a shit? I gave mine some side effects, yo. That way I could still see the front.
by GreepCaptainPlanet May 30, 2007
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A temporary effect towards someone, usually caused by medication, food poisoning, or just a bad day of work.
After work, I got a really bad headache. It must've been a side effect from the medication.
by Svifias March 13, 2019
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A negative or unwanted effect of an otherwise positive thing. The term is most commonly used in prescription drugs. Marriage has a major side effect too, your mother-in-law.
Having to deal with your mother in law is one of the biggest side effects of marriage.
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx November 13, 2020
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