A sick bastard is the worst type of person. Sick bastards enjoy putting IcyHot on toilet seats, giving unwanted love taps, and usually run in pairs.
"What sick bastards would do such a thing? You know there has to be two of them! One of them is probably wearing glasses and the other is probably wearing a hat."
by _Secret Weapon April 29, 2013
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Noun. Singular.
Synonym: Sick Fuck

Definition: A person whose sense of humor is leaps and bounds more rude and crude than that of the people with whom they associate.
"My WASband wanted to give me a Cleveland Steamer after eating hard boiled eggs and beer. That sick bastard."
by Maven April 16, 2004
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Someone who's emotionally unavailable, fears to love, has weird taste in things, and will either be the sweetest guy you ever know or someone that will break your heart into pieces. He is usually really smart, unconventional and charming in a very unusual way. He is the bad boy that young women are curious about but grown-ass women will stay away from.
He is a sick bastard. I knew he would break my heart right from the beginning, but I wanted to give him a chance anyway. Maybe I am into dangerous things, or maybe he was too charming as a bad boy.
by ur-banned Dicktionary April 17, 2019
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Something you call someone when they seem to be nonchalantly imitating someone who you do not want another of; also used when someone takes something from you or says something disgusting.
At the beginning of the school year John Q. was a sick bastard to Daniel Oulette.
by xlae-x March 25, 2003
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Purveyor of the world's greatest web-site: Bangedup.com.
Yo, Bangedup.com's sick bastard is pope for hooking us up with those Paris Hilton money shots.
by Sick Bastard May 11, 2004
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