A person whose thinking is disgusting as fuck
Friend 1: "Bro what's the difference between a child and a hooker?"
Friend 2: "idk"
Friend 1: "You sick fuck"
by xzer October 1, 2019
who is the sick fucking bastard who comes up with some of this stufF!
by lori mervyn October 2, 2003
The guy who defined "Taco Tuesday" as "To shit in a woman's vagina".
"Did you read the definition that guy wrote for Taco Tuesday? Clearly a sick fuck.
by Bob "Fucking" Martin August 11, 2016
one who belives in there mind they are a nice normal person while simultaneously torturing someone.
- we don't curse in this house nor do we love each other in this house my dear!
- I'm sorry lady but you are a sick fuck!
by epicmann July 13, 2011