New Hip Hop / Indie artist coming straight out of Malibu California. His crew makes up with other performers such as Adler, Cisco, Avalaon, and Mickey. Well known in the Socal region now going worldwide with their hit single; "Buzzin". Performs with great smooth delivery and relaxing beats. Check out Shwayze!

Dude 1 - "Yo did you hear the new Shwayze song??"
Dude 2 - "DUDE it was in a Pontiac commercial, freakin ill!"
by kimbov June 15, 2008
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A rapper from California who sing slow rap like his hit

"Corona and Lime," along side many of his other songs. He was also on the reality t.v. shoe Buzzin' that showed the route to becoming famous.

That perfect type of drunk where you're more charismatic, confident with the females, have swagger, where you don't care, and everything's fun but, you don't feel sick at all, and you'll remember the night.

@Longwood Highschool, MI,NY
Example 1:
Bro 1: Bro, you hear that Shwayze mixtape "Love Stoned?"

Bro 2: "Yea that shits dope."

Bro 3: "That's my love making tape."

Example 2:

John: "Matt you drank a lot are you good, how you feeling?"

Matt: "Man, I'm just chilling... im shwayze."

Untitled Hoe: ""oooooooooo" Matt (;"
by MattyCakes77 August 9, 2011
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Long before the ambiguously homosexual pop band, the phrase 'shwayze' came about to describe something ten times more amazing than the word crazy.
"Yo man, don't fuck with William Shatner, he's crazy."

"No- he's better than that- he's shwayze."
by Aytche Dubb July 21, 2009
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to be good; to be all good; to be in a state of semi-perfection, where the only limiting factors are environmental and completely out of your control (IE life, ambient smells, people around, your personal life situation); also defines a upandcoming Hip-Hop Artist known as Shwayze, not because of the fact that it defines proprietary well being, but because it is ironically similar to the actor Patrick Swayze's name.
"man, I'm off work and its shwayze"
"lets go get a blunt and kick it, life's shwayze"
or more classically
the NOTORIOUS biggie quote related to glocks and being shwayze....
by BabaPoet December 21, 2006
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South African term used to describe something positive and mellow.
John: Yo man, wanna hang out, smoke a joint?
Tim: Ya, shwayz...
by the_worder November 2, 2009
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cheap, 'not good' pot/marijuana.
Person 1: Man, we need to get completely baked tonight
Person 2: Yeah, even if it's shwayze.
by glamourkills123 August 16, 2009
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another term for sex. if your around family, or a crowd your not comfortable being around, you can just use shwayze as a secret term for sex.
Wanna come over and shwayze?
i wanna shwayze you ALL night long.
by kbabyyy-liciouss July 24, 2009
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