A gentleman , who's unique... Once he loves, he loves with his all with no doubt . He would risk his life for you. He has an amazing personality with the most loving heart ever. He'll always be your shoulder to cry on and your extra ear to listen no matter what. He would never judge you. And his the super hero every girl would love to have .
Shwan is a respectful and wise gentleman.
by theextremelygoodshepherd November 27, 2018
Shwan is the most kind and caring person you could meet. He cares greatly about everybody and works hard to show it. He makes all the girls fall for him, and is absolutely amazing. If u get a Shwan, hold on to him and never let go. Shwan is extremely funny and can always cheer anybody up. He has an amazing sense of humour and uses it to cheer everyone up. Shwan is a friend to everyone and is the sweetest person you will ever meet. If you know a Shwan, hold him tight and never let go of him. If you care for him, he will make sure to care for you. Shwan helps with anything you need and is glad to do it for you. Shwan is a girl's best friend, and a guy's best friend. He will always be there for you, no matter what happens.
by theextremelygoodshepherd November 27, 2018
Kurdish word for someone who is a true, honest and charismatic leader, with lots of devoted followers.
Wow he is such a good president, a total Shwan I would say!
by theextremelygoodshepherd November 26, 2018
Kurdish word for 'Shepherd'.
-"What does your brother do for a living?"
-"He is a Shwan, he has 50 sheep and 20 goats"
-"What a rich Shwan he is!"
by theextremelygoodshepherd November 27, 2018
The best person you could ever hope to meet. He is lovely in every possible way and doesn't give himself enough credit for how lovely he truly is. Plus, he listens to good music and has the most beautiful eyes.
I sure do love Shwan
by theextremelygoodshepherd November 27, 2018
Shwan is the sexiest and hottest man that you will ever meet. He is usually a savage and is very buff. If you try to roast him it will not go good for you. TRUST ME!
I really wish I was Shwan!
by theextremelygoodshepherd November 27, 2018
A very hairy penis
A: Matt has a huge dick!
B: Yeah, shame it's a shwan
by Jwc June 3, 2013