A clever phrase to let chums know how thouroughly annoyed you are with them at any given moment. Most effective when cleverly hidden in an unexpected place, in a seemingly unrelated sentence. (See example below.)
Chum: Man, did you watch that special they had on dateline last night? The one about Lynyrd Skynyrd? That was really cool.

You: Yeah, it was pretty sweet. Almost as cool as SHUT THE HELL UP!
by Bassdog109 August 27, 2006
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Something an asshole teacher uses to tell children to be quiet in an angry and rude way.
Mr.Smith told his class to “shut the hell up” . And yelled at a girl for talking.
by Maskinging February 1, 2022
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a self explanatory command
A: Shut the hell up!
B: What?
A: Shut it up, quick! Before it sucks us into the void that it is!
B: Oh, you meant that gaping portal to hell in my bathroom. Yeah, uh......that's a toilet.
by I live in Passaic June 20, 2005
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