The word 'Shunner' is a slang word for pensioner. It was started in Darlington, to which the word became popular and more commonly used. There are also other uses of the word. Such as, 'Shunner Elbows' and 'Shunner Drivers'.

'Shunner Elbows' are frequently found in jumble sales, or other events where a frequent amount of 'Shunners' congregate; this is when a 'Shunner' barges his/her way though crowds with disregard for others, in order to get their bargain from the sale.

The 'Shunner Elbow' can also be found in the younger generation, more often, this is found in bars and clubs. This is when a person makes their way to the front of the queue at a busy bar by using pointed elbows. A perfected 'Shunner Elbow' is when a person can get to the front of a queue easily, whilst going unnoticed to fellow drinkers.

'Shunner Drivers' also falls under the 'Shunner' category. This is when 'shunners' drive at a slow, and dangerous, pace on the roads (most likely on Sunday mornings) 'Shunner Drivers' are likely to behave unexpectedly and make sudden, irrational moves on the road, such as pulling out without looking or weaving between two lanes. The speed limit for a 'Shunner Driver' is approximately 20mph.
'Look at that old shunner over there!'

*car driving dangerously slow* ... 'ohhh, Shunner Drivers again'
by shunner May 17, 2009
A person who shuns or rejects, goes against, and/or avoids conservative or comptemporary ideals, often finding himself hostile, choosy and unsatisfied by the world and everything in it and ignoring the world and its contents (including people) deliberately. Thus, he presents himself as a shisty dick. Similar to a hater.
"Don't care what dem critics be saying! I aint watching this, fuck that shit, especially if its some weak ass corny love story! Plus, i aint payin $10 to get into the damn movies! I can buy that shit on bootleg for $2.50."

"Shit, not goin hear tha kid and his volcano face."
by ning September 1, 2004
Social Shunner
A shunner is someone who mocks and dehumanizes the socially unaware, or anyone who has different views, personalities, enjoy different hobbies, Etc. Labeling them weird and talking behind their back, this ussually stems from the fact that they fear what they do not understand, confronting one about this will either think you are arguing with them and spew biast uneducated comments, or, patiently listen and realize they don't know why they enjoy doing this.
"Those Social Shunners mock me at every turn, it sucks"

"What a Social Shunner"
by (Private) on Feb 18, 2009
"Those Social Shunners mock me at every turn, it sucks"

"What a Social Shunner"
by Spah2234 February 19, 2009