Yiddish slang for synagogue. Orthodox Jews will often use this term.
Oy vey! We're late for shul!
by Moshe A. December 29, 2005
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Cool, especially in a Jewish way.

(Traditionally means a Jewish house of prayer, see other entry.)
Hey, did you meet the new gabbai? His waterproof tefillin case is pretty shul!

These bagels don't have a hashgacha (kosher certification), but my rabbi says they are totally shul.

My professor says that I can't get an extension because of Rosh HaShanah. That's so not shul!
by ShabbatMendy April 13, 2009
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A way to describe someone who acts a bit special, such as a lumphead or retard

Pronounced in a derogatory fashion
Speh..... shul..

I felt well speh shul
by cyberkitten01 April 11, 2008
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(vrb.) the act of one being anything you want it to be.Thus london shul shimer maybe desirves getting shoed.

the act of one being a dick.

ex. yo, bill's being a shul shimer, i just cought him sniffing my moms dirty underwear.
by Dleahy February 12, 2008
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