A Jewish/Yahwist festival that takes place in September or October.

{"September" means "7th Month" & "October" means "8th Month" even though they are today considered to be our 9th & 10th months -- so many calendar changes!}
"Rosh HaShanah" ("New Year") is a non-Biblical name. The Biblical name is "Shabbatown Zikrown Truwah" ("Sabbath Memorial of Shofars")


23) Yahweh said to Mosheh,

24) Tell the Israelites, in the seventh month, on the first day of the month, you must observe a sabbath day of rest, a memorial announced by the blowing of shofars, a sacred gathering.

25) Do not do any regular work, and present an offering to Yahweh.
by Trenton King August 19, 2009
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ROSH = Head
HA = The
therefore "Head {of} the year".
aka "Jewish New Year".
It is ironic that Rosh HaShanah is called "Jewish New Year", because it actually takes place on the first day of the Biblical SEVENTH Month (LEVITICUS 23:23-25). The "New Year" designation is not Biblical, rather it was picked up from Babylonian culture where this time was considered to be the New Year.
by Herbert W. Headstrong August 18, 2009
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The Jewish New Year's Eve and another excuse for Jews and friends of Jews to eat and party.
I'm getting shitfaced off of Manischewitz wine this Erev Rosh Hashanah.
by Chaim Y'Israele September 24, 2008
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