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A common last name on the east coast. Name originates in France and is spelled Joue. Ellis Island was the original source for modern day spelling. People with the last name Shuey are highly intelligent and reveered by many.
Elizabeth Shue (Actress)

Paul Shuey (MLB pitcher)
by Jeremey S August 27, 2008
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Short, athletic kiddo who likes to keep his circle of friends tight. Sometimes (All of the time) excessively clingy and petty, eavesdrops on conversations he doesn't wanna hear, constantly the start of drama. Always starts with nice sweet intentions, then snowballs and is lowkey rude. 8/10 on attractive scale tho.
Shuey got so mad because I forgot to call him last night.
by TryMeBiotch April 23, 2018
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