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An expression used to describe a person who was just made to feel little of themselves by a particularly harsh insult. Replacing words such as owned, bitched, burned, told, chopped, etc. Derived from shrimp which (even jumbo) are small and frail.

It is the word to describe someone who has just been made to feel small, puny, a bitch, insignificant, a loser, and anything else along those lines.
Instead of: "you just got owned"

Say: "Shripmed!

When Daytona 50 yr old townie try to pick up a dayton college girl and gets completely rejected he has just been SHRIMPED.
by 5th hotel townie spotter May 15, 2009
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when a guy does a guirl up her ass and then suckes the shit out wit a straw.
dude i shrimped her and i liked it
by pedro January 10, 2005
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Getting dicked down by a little John (aka a disappointingly small penis)
Ex. Sarah: How was he last night?
Janice: I got "shrimped".
Sarah: But he's black!
Janice: Didn't make a difference!
by Hutzellbutt February 11, 2017
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