The act of reaching high picthed sounds when in distress, getting excited, or just when being annoying. It can be used as a noun, verb, or anything else.
"MJ keeps shrilling around the house."
"Why doesn't someone tell her to shut up?"

"Don't get shrill with me, MJ."

"She shrilled the shit out of me."
by D-$$ December 20, 2009
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"Dude whose that guy?"

"Oh yeah, that's shrill. He's just doing his thing over there, he's calm as shit though"
by b4y-life November 19, 2013
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An extremely ugly person. A social pariah based on looks.
She wants to date him? OMG! That dude is shrill! ; She's not just ugly... she's the Shrilla Gorilla from Manila ugly! ; She has a good personality, but she's shrill as hell in the face.
by WildTurkeykeWy March 15, 2018
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1) Prem and Harsh are literally the definition of shrill, I wish I could be them!
2) The brown boys are the shrillest people I know!
3) Sidhu Moosewala is so shrill!
by Brown_boy June 11, 2019
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The feeling after toking, becoming chill and stoned.
"That was good, i'm so shrilled
by Tomthetrain November 10, 2007
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1.The informal process of violently and savagely shouting offensive terrorist terms, phrases, prayers, and proverbs, inside of a moving car or on foot, towards innocent and completely arbitrary people and places.
2. Verbally scarring innocent people in an attempt to raise terrorist ideals and awareness.

1. A formal allusion from Allah, to praise terrorist organization groups.
My friend Ahmed and I shrilled last weekend. We told this yoga mom "Jihad" and drove off laughing.

Lets go shrilling this weekend, I really want to get "Hez" and "Muja" out of my system.

I know a guy named Borna who got arrested by the Feds whilst shrilling. His violent shrills on Main Street caused an uproar and a formal SWAT team covered the grounds.
by Universal Salad March 4, 2014
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offesive slang term referring to anything related to emo, hardcore, screamo etc. can be used to describe pretty much anything or as a noun used in place of the genre.
1. "You ever heard of Burning Black Tears That I Cried?"
"Yeah, they're pretty shrill."

2. Look at that really shrill kid over there

3. I saw these kids listening to some shrill and fighting the air
by rsktod January 8, 2005
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