When you gag while giving a man head and your mascara runs when your eyes get watery.
She was sucking my dick last night and turned up to look at me crying those black tears.
by rahrahuhuh February 9, 2011
Is EXTREMELY racist and loathsome to laugh at but to laugh at white tears is perfectly fine and you are insane and sick if you think otherwise.
There is a racist anti-white double standard in white countries. This definition called Black Tears is an example.
The mix of cum and mascara that occurs when a man ejaculates onto a woman's face.
Angel came on Chantelle's face so much that black tears were streaming down her cheeks.
by Funguy5102 February 13, 2016
When an elite member of a gang gets killed
Damn, the Kreed got some black tears last night.
by RichieG May 10, 2005