4 definitions by LifeIsFutile

A word used to describe of how cucked Starbucks is
John: Do you want to grab a coffee?
Alex: Yeah, as long as it isn't at soybucks!
by LifeIsFutile October 26, 2018
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Fecal splatter is the substance emitted from ones anal cavity. Fecal splatter is no ordinary extrement, as it is a viscous gloopy substance. Fecal splatter emerges from ones buttocks in a similar fashion to "I'm a firing my lazer". Fecal splatter can only be discribed as a most unpleasant experience, and requires an abundance of wiping.
Charles: William, can I draw thoust attention to my unsatisfactory experience within thines porcelain throne?

William: What might thoust experience within those walls?

Charles: From within that very cubicle, from the gates of hell I unleashed a mighty tsnami of feces. Alright I'll give it to ya straight, it was fecal splatter
by LifeIsFutile April 04, 2016
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To have sex with a sheep. See welsh or sheep shagger.
John: Oh arr im gonna have me some shepard's delight. Come ere bessie!
by LifeIsFutile October 26, 2018
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The best movie of all time containing the best movie soundtrack of all time
Rick: I don;t have much money, but i can give you Shrek 2 Directors Cut DVD and three Justin Bieber Cd's for it.
Stan: Shrek 2 Directors Cut DVD? That's a bargain! Here you go.
by LifeIsFutile October 26, 2018
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