Shownu is the leader, main dancer, and lead vocalist of the global group Monsta X. He is a dancer, choreographer, singer, variety star, judge, model, and the first Korean muse for Moschino. He stays booked and busy, because he's an ace. He's a powerful and charismatic performer, who dominates the stage. Described as genuine, kind, humble, selfless and hardworking. Extremely handsome and cute. Also, the funniest person ever.
Shownu is an ace, if you disagree you're wrong.
by Amaya13 January 22, 2021
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Son Hyunwoo - Leader of Monsta X. Phenomenal dancer. Beautiful R&B vocals. Funniest member of the group. Super down to earth guy.
Who's that kpop dude that was so strong he broke the axe chopping wood?

Oh! That's Shownu!
by YallNotCute January 21, 2021
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The leader of Monsta X. Shownu also takes both the position of main dancer and lead vocal of the group.

His talent is only rivaled by his good looks, but it doesn't go his head: he is humble, down-to-earth, unexpectedly shy and has a sweet personality.
Everyone should know how amazing Shownu is
by showhyunu January 21, 2021
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An amazing man, with many skills such as dancing, singing, modelling and many more. The leader of the incredible group Monsta x. A very funny and smart idol.

Who deserves all the happiness in the world.
A : who’s the greatest leader in kpop in your opinion?
B : Shownu.
by Cy’ January 22, 2021
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The lovable leader of globally renowned kpop group Monsta X. A multitalented dancer, singer, and performer. Incredibly kind and humble, with a charming silly side to him. So patient and reliable it’s no wonder all of his members admire and adore him. Shownu who loves monbebe as much as he loves food.
“If you don’t love Shownu, you’re wrong
by the_weneebebe January 21, 2021
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Monsta X's amazing leader, the strongest and most humble man in the world, periodt. despite his big and intimidating build together with his insanely good looks, he has a very soft side to him that his fans cry over all the time when it's shown(u). an amazing vocalist and is respectively one of the top 5 dancers in S.K. who never ceases to amaze people with his skills.

with all the things he's given to us fans, supporting monbebes back for 6 years, how could we not love him?
by marbles in a mug January 21, 2021
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The most beautiful human on whole earth

The kindest the purest person you ever meet

The best leader
Beautiful both inside and outside

Y'all should love Shownu so much because his heart is bigger than his chest

Shownu is a cute bear with beautiful, charismatic voice

His body I also pretty ass good

Shownu is just beautiful person you should support and love everyday
X: look at this beautiful boy

Z: ah I see it's simply shownu from monsta x
by Iloveshownu April 26, 2018
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