Used in-game for ghosting on Domo Gamings teamspeak server.
The shower head says its SSJ3-Pikachu
by OMGimGodly February 28, 2014
When a woman uses different speeds, techniques, or head positions to make sure that all of the man's needs are met.
Guy 1: I didn't know Jason smoked.
Guy 2: He never has, but he did just get shower head.
Guy 1: Nice, that would make any guy want a cigarette.
by ChubbyPuppy May 5, 2011
oral sex given to a male while showering with a sexual partner
I recieved amazing shower head from my girlfriend this morning.
by Evan June 20, 2002
freaking great thing to use to masturbate for girls. best thing when you don't want to actually stick anything 'in'
girl who doesn't finger herself: i loove the shower head it feels GREAT
by Vy N. December 3, 2008
some thing u use to jack off jack off with
i had fun today in the shower with my shower head
by bura January 23, 2003
The only thing thatll ever get turned on and wet because of you :D
Parrott: wow you are soaked!
Chez: yea my one true love got wet on my face!
Parrott: who?
Chez: umm... my shower head
by Random_pasta November 5, 2020