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A game reminiscent of retro Mega Man, Castlevania, and Legend of Zelda franchises. Also the very first video game from indie development studio Yacht Club Games .

Compared to other popular (and mildly controversial) indie games such as Undertale, its fanbase is a bit small, but it's still a hit among experienced gamers looking for a fresh batch of nostalgia. It's described as a sweeping action adventure game with breathtaking gameplay and unforgettably unique characters.

The lead character, Shovel Knight, is a bit of an oddity among heroes, brandishing a shovel as a weapon instead of swords or bows. One thing's for sure; he's come far in the gaming world, having been nominated for several awards (including the BAFTA Games Award for Debut Games) and named a 'modern classic'.
Seems everyone else is playing Undertale these days. Have they never heard of Shovel Knight before?
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by explodatorium December 14, 2016
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A shovel knight is a poorly armed player in survival roleplay situations, who usually defends him or herself with unrealistically powerful melee weaponry, usually a shovel.
Look at all those Shovel Knights staring at that Type G.
by Velikoth yes May 07, 2010
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A sex move where someone with under-bite places his/her mouth in front of the phallic item in question, a second person proceeds to push down on the back of his/her head, forcing him/her forward, engulfing the phallic item. The person then rips up like a shovel and the previous steps are repeated.
Wow, Becky and Meg made John a true shovel knight.
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by dumbstercam September 21, 2019
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