Pants that are around ankle length, just short enough to look a little unprofessional.

To passive-aggressively stick it to the man.
Kevin wore short pants to work. He was passive-aggressively sticking it to the man.
by Andronicus August 2, 2007
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Short pants or short trousers are the original names for what many people sadly only know as shorts today.
mother: Tommy put your short pants on instead, it is too hot outside for long pants!
by truthwillsetyoufree123 November 17, 2016
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Multi-gender trousers that reach somewhere in between the bottom of the kneecap and the mid calf area. For clarification, shorts on the other hand range from bottom of the kneecap to any shorter desired length.

Also, short pants are not just pants that are too short. Pants that are too short are simply just pants, or capris- usually worn by females or gays.
Darnell: " Yo werd up check out deez short pants don't make me shank ya!"

Barthalamule: "Excuse me sir, those trousers are actually shorts. Sagging is an inappropriate use of shorts so those do not qualify as short pants. "
by short pants enthusiast October 28, 2011
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Claire's stupid theory that short pants are another name for shorts.
I am packing short pants for summer camp.
by victoria February 13, 2005
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The day always falls on the first Friday in April (this is not negotiable). The weather does not matter, the day must go on!
One's ankles must be showing. What one chooses to wear to display their ankles is left entirely to the discretion of the individual. Eligible participants include anyone.

If the weather is still cold, it is meant to prove that hope will prevail regardless! For those who have the joy to already be frolicking through warmer days, it is meant for the simple joy of celebrating their fortune in that warmer weather.
Happy Short Pants Friday!
by shortpantsappreciator March 30, 2010
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