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Holding another job at night, often one of a sketchy nature.
Maybe if Jane didn't wear such slutty clothing, people wouldn't believe that she was moonlighting as a stripper.
by Victoria February 14, 2005

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when a man and woman are "doing it" and are making noises at the same time. Ushually its the female yelling "FUCK ME, DONT STOP, HARDER, HARDER" or "TAP THAT ASS" and the male yelling "WHOS YOUR DADDY?! YES.. RIGHT THERE" this prooving that they are enjoying themselves continously while him shooving his PENIS in her HAIRY PUSSY.
"OMG... FUCK ME,.. HARDER.. UH, UH, UH, COMMON, DO IT... YES... UH HUH, YES... DO THAT TO ME ONE MORE TIME.... BABY... OH BABY.." usually followed by orgasm.
by Victoria November 28, 2004

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Derives from the phrase "giving head". Refers to a girl's (or guys) ability to perform fellacio.
That bitch got some bangin head game.
That ho aint got no head game.
by Victoria February 24, 2005

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it is a womens vagina. Made up at lunch to hide the real word
Hallie,Kaley and Jenny all have fishy va ding dings.
by Victoria February 05, 2005

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Comes from the Native American (Salish/Chinook) for 'great', 'large', 'frightening'.
skookum chuck = large water = the Pacific Ocean.
by Victoria December 10, 2003

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A girl that expresses herself by wearing a "style" of clothing(usualy found completly in Black and somtimes dark reds, purples, pinks, blues, and greens) Usually misunderstood as a "dangerous" person.
My best friend Razy! *love you girly!*
by Victoria April 20, 2004

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The name of the band Linkin Park before the singer Chester Bennington joined the group :)
it tells you about it on www.pushmeaway.com
by Victoria September 02, 2004

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