Chain of supermarkets in New Jersey. Third largest employer in the state.
Employs wide variety of people, including drunks, semi-legal immigrants, psychopaths (see nite crew), legends, perverts, disgruntled former schoolteachers, dropouts, nerds, freaks, bitches, old people, the handicapped, stoners, and all sorts of others. Know for being cheap as hell, as well as being ghetto and urban in most practices and policies.
Shop Rite -If its a bad idea, we do it first!

Holy Shit! Its snowing! Lets go to the Shop Rite and buy all the milk, all the bread, and call the manager an asshole!
by sextoaster January 25, 2005
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Old people come here on the senior bus to get some groceries and get food for their cats, so they do not eat out their eyeballs.
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A place where you go to work when your a freshman, and you have to deal with old annoying people constantly.

Often made fun of by other students that have far better jobs.
Tim: "Where do you work?"
Me: "Shop-Rite."
Tim: "Loser..."
by John March 2, 2004
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Verb. To give someone a rimjob behind a Shop-Rite Grocery store.
Devin gave Aidan a Shop-Rite last night, it was gross.
by Weinerguy3245 February 17, 2017
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