An expression of extreme sadness; generally as a result of getting close to beating a game but then losing miserably. Shoon came about when the word shoon (literally: plural. Shoe)was the final word in the international Scrabble competition.
The winner was a novice and he defeated a world champion with the word. The cry from the champion was a mixture of anguish at the loss and surprise at the strange nature of the word that was his downfall.
When said, shoon can be a loud cry or a quiet sobbing sad exclamation!
I lost ?!? Shoooooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!
shoon (read like a sigh or cat meow):( I lost.
by :( shooooooon :( October 16, 2008
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Shoon typically means "lack of knees". A Shoon is usually the small white person in a rugby team who is carried by the islanders around him. A Shoon is considered a noob at using Charazarding as he is not very efficient.
by R.I.P 29/05/2019 November 17, 2019
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To run up behind somebody, and jab your thumb into the back of their neck.
Adrian ran up behind Jack, and proceeded to jab his thumb into Jack's neck. "You just got Shooned!"
by BetterThanU March 14, 2017
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The unofficial term used to name the coupling of Boone Carlyle and Shannon Rutherford on the ABC TV series Lost. It's derived from both their names put together.
Aw, I love Shannon and Boone together! I'm definitely a Shoone shipper!
by Sohma Yuki November 10, 2005
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Another word for damn or shit.Used mostly before the sentence is complete.
Shoon, u got me messed up.He must think im stunnin' him,shoon.shoon,u must think im playin'.
by desha December 04, 2007
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