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His talents centre is humanistic interests n approaches. Shoaib likes to help others as shoaib's were intended to be big brother. Shoaib works well with the people and has the potentialn to inspire.He has a strong awareness of his own feelings as well as those of others. 'Friendship, Affection, n Love' are extremely important.
Do you know Shoaib????
Have you heard about Shoaib?
by Muhammad Usman May 02, 2018
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Most amazing guy in the world. He amazingly hot and has the biggest penis ever and is always amazing in bed. He looks great, smells great and all the girls want him. He is amazing at sports and is also hilarious. He is a god to most people.
Why is Shoaib so awesome at everything?

I heard Shoaib makes sex with him feel like heaven.
by Habababa December 03, 2010
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A good guy with big booty . Has a good mind . But very cunning person at times . Picks up chicks easily
by ✨batman✨ July 18, 2018
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Shoaib is a total idiot . He acts hard jus cuz he does kickboxing but he ain’t all dat. Also got knows why all the gyals are after that chua uda muu bandar aala
Omg is that Shoaib I thought it was my dad
by Ghjhcsssfvbjj December 10, 2018
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worlds biggest scammer tattu ape sniffs Gandhi’s toes the sinjin licks his toes clean and tries to eat it cuz he’s hungry warra ape fragile legs the budda knees hurt all the time needs to go to retirement home neeeds a wheelchair or stick the ape face kicks the ball and screams his lungss out the ape monkey locked in a cage scammer begging for bobs and vagena gets kicked in legs and screams so loud legs gone the stick pencil hb toothpick lalaaaa blaster ape
Shoaib: My right knee is no longer working

My knee is genuinely not working
by Cheese touch April 26, 2019
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is very annoying. You can't trust him at all. He will make a small mistake which will make him regret it. and also has a small dick
by hi its booi January 28, 2019
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Shoaib is a frugal man. If you have some money to throw at him and spit on the face for several reasons that I am about to list here.
1) he is money hungry hoe.
2) He is always cheating on his wife.
3) if he could do that without sweating then He would fuck any man or woman that comes his way.

Simply he had a bad past which led to the bad present and probably a bad future.
His dick is very small and that’s why he would rather have oral sex so he doesn’t have to face the humiliation.

He can’t fuck worth a dime.
by Not yours April 05, 2019
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