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A word used to call a 'thing' that doesn't have a name, or is just unknown.

Can be used instead of, "Whatchamacallit " "That thing" "Poodlydiddy"
"Hey, could you pass me that shnazzle over there?"

"Dude, on my way in I dropped the snnazzles all over the floor."

"Pssst! Hey... you got the shnazzles?"
by Tizz Mizzle April 29, 2007
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ADJECTIVE: Used in conjunction with "pop" and "dang" to describe something incredible.

NOTE: this word should only be used when mimicking a hill-billy (yokel, redneck). Of course if you fit in these categories, feel free to use at your discretion.
"DANG SHNAZZLE POP that's dat ol' thang raght therr."
by Rockin! June 13, 2007
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When a person is totally excited about something or going somewhere really cool.
"Shnazzle! Lets go hit that gig tonight! I can't believe Ben Weasel is playing tonight"
by Pogue June 13, 2008
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