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The act of chillin, loungin' , or doing nothing at all is to shlum

I would also call someone who is a 'hermit' a shlum
Rick - "Hey man what r u sayin?"
Pablo - "Not a whole lot just shlummin' it"

Mallen - "Look at you, you shlum"

Chris - "Goto school you shlum"

Chris - "Fuckin get a job, you shlum"

" Go out and do somethin and quit shlummin it!"

by Chris Danks April 11, 2008
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(n)The unspecified sexual,innuendious, and/or somewhat derogatory term used to describe either male or female.
(v) Shlumed, Shlum, Shlumming: A verb to describe an unspecified sexual act of someone who you are ridiculing.
(n) Nicky lack is a shlum.

(v) Nick did you shlum with sally last night?
by Justin Hanes May 05, 2006
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The act of doing a bad/sucky job.
In other words; failure, messing up, forgetful ect.
"Why you Shlum?"
"Remember, don't shlum tonight man."
"Don't be shlum."
by Nic M. December 28, 2007
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