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n. (mal' en): An inexpensive wine often manufactured and sold in cans; a popular beverage in lower class societies; see also white trash
Girl, the Brittany Store has gallons of mallen on sale. Lets go load up!
by mallen_fanatic August 19, 2010
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A male in his youth with abundant problems, mainly in the areas of education, drinking, and women. A Mallen often attempts to act cool or intellectual in a social environment but is instead viewed as an example of a standard life gone terribly,terribly wrong.
"Yo Reggie, check that drunk and stupid Mallen trying to talk to those fine biddies, what a fool."
by Dmacfool March 07, 2008
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last name of digenerate family with self inbreedng and tend to have more than 10 kids. The kids get dumber down the younger they are in the group. Very interested in money.

opposite of smart, and good family.
the mallens that live down the street have a bunch of dimwit kids that come over to our yard. Several of them are surely retarded.
by pgomez April 04, 2010
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Wannabe ladie's man who'll go for any girl who talks to him, comes from Michael Allen. See the lyrics for Orchestra Of Wolves by Gallows.
Watch out, that mallen Simon's about.
by Nathan Jarrett August 15, 2007
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